Friday, July 15, 2022

Clever hubby

I’ve been pulling up weeds to feed to the chickens every day 
But my hubby has sectioned off the area next to the chicken coop let the gang 
Our to eat their fill 

I was talking to the lovey lady I bought all the chickens from and she asked for an 
Up to date pic of them.  Especially the rooster 

I told her he was growing and now crowing 
And she informed me that Brahma roosters don’t stop growing until they’re Three
Years old! 
He’s going to be a big boy 
He may be big but he is a gentle boy and looks after his girls 

Ana was here today and she was so much fun 
She’s definitely not a baby any more. She’s a toddler and so into playing with grandma 
She loves reading books 
Climbing on the couch and then jumping into my arms
And sharing her food with Trixie 

It’s been a wonderful day but I’m exhausted 
Luckily I get a whole week to recover before I get to enjoy Ana for a whole day again 


  1. If you have a rooster does that mean you will hatch some of your eggs? Or is he there for another purpose other than looking terribly handsome.

    1. The plan is I hatch some eggs. Hens will be sold, hopefully. And the Roos will be processed for the freezer

  2. All that pecking around will reduce bugs that might plague your veg garden and fruit trees. Perhaps hubby could design a moveable enclosure so your chickens can be your roving pest disposal brigade.

    1. The plan had a flaw. The rooster can fly so he went over the fence and then tried to get back to the girls and ended up in the newly planted orchard
      I had to catch him, while trying to not slip in the mud and put him back into the coop
      Luckily he’s friendly and gentle. Because he could seriously do damage He’s massive