Thursday, July 21, 2022

Tin man

No I’m not watching the wizard of oz 
This is exactly how I feel. Like all my joints need a good dose of oil 
I woke up at five and I couldn’t even get out of bed without crying out in pain. 
It was so cold I turned on the ducted heating and got back into bed 

The last thing I was going to do was get undressed and go swim in a cool pool 
Even though I need a walking stick to get around outside. I usually don’t in here as there 
Are plenty of things to hang on to if  my legs go from under me.  And who will see me fall 
No one except the dog. But this morning I can barely get one foot in front of the other 

After letting the heating do it’s magic for almost and hour we got up 
Hubby attended the fire while I made myself a nice little warm nest on the couch 
Even my neck is sore and turning my head is a no go right now 
So even if I decided to go swimming I can’t drive safely if I can’t turn my head to see in the blind spots 

Definitely a pj day 
Poor hubby is last man standing at work. Both our son and our long time, adopted son, worker 
Have the dreaded rona! 

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise’s not being able to go out and about
At least I haven’t had the virus, well not yet anyway 

I pray all the countries going through heat waves, and especially the ones on fire, get some relief 
And I hope all in australia stay warm and dry 


  1. You poor thing. Find a patch of sunshine through the glass and pretend you're a cat. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. The weather sure can play on our joints and such.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. You need a holiday on a warm south sea Island. I hope the warmth of the fire does the trick.

  4. That sounds horrific. We hope that you get relief quickly and effectively. My aunt moved form NZ to Queensland decades ago to try and get relief from that kind of pain - arthritis in her case. What an awful plague on your life (you don't need COVID as well - maybe the gods know that).

  5. I've been catching up on your posts. I'm so sorry for the pain and now the Covid. How dreadful it all sounds. I wish I could make it better, but that wish is oftentimes all that we humans are able to give.