Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Spending the morning with grandma

Breanna being the younger daughter has never stayed with me on her own. We were always with melody 
Melody is at school now and her mummy needed to go to an appointment so Breanna came to play 

We visited the cows, she’s making the moo sounds 

We played with the cat, Agatha is gentle but Bella is the grumpy cat. We don’t play with her 

We visited the chickens and helped to feed them 

We also fed the wild ducks 

Then we went and visited the sheep and alpaca’s with grandpa 

We loved spike 

And tweetie 

But we especially love trixie and had lots of fun playing chase around the house 

It was a fun packed morning 
And now grandma is exhausted 
She’ll need a few hours rest before packing all the toys away 


  1. Those are delightful photos. She must have a lovely time visiting with you and all the animals.

    1. She’s a mini doctor dolittle. Just like her mum was. She loves all animals including bugs. lol

  2. Your property would be a magical place for a child. I understand your exhaustion!

    1. It will be much easier once all the rain stops and let’s the ground dry up