Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Feeling better.

Hubby and I are feeling much better. 
All I have now is the occasional coughing fit, 
It’s great to be able to just sit and rest and keep warm with my blankets, fire and Crochet 

I went outside to bring in anything that needed harvesting 
I defrosted some meat from the freezer and a few tubs of the summer veggies I’d process 
And with todays harvest I’ve got two big meals cooking 

In here I’m making a kinda chowmein, spicy meat dish.

In here there is osso bucco again with lots of vegetables from the summer and current gardens 

It’s very satisfying knowing I’ve grown everything in these meals. 
We will be able to have lunch and dinner for the next few days all ready to just 
Heat and serve! 

It’s now raining, again. 
Although we haven’t had the amount of rain they have had up north. It’s still rather wearing 
You have to swim to get to the chickens and the mud is everywhere 

So now I’ll rest and keep working on the new mosaic blanket
Once the second pattern is done I’ll give you a preview 


  1. I am glad you're feeling better. Is the meat in your dishes homegrown as well? They look delicious.

    1. Yes it is. They smell good so I hope they taste yummy even if they don’t look flash

  2. Poor chickens - are they still high and dry or is the flood encroaching on them now too?

    1. We will out some dry stuff in their runs. They’re getting a little muddy but are still dry compared to all around them

  3. Mmm the chowmein looks delicious. Pity about all the mud.

    1. It was very yummy. There is still enough for me to have lunch tomorrow
      We will have the osso bucco for dinner

  4. Wishing you well Angela. Seems the covid numbers are rising here (Qld) as well…..
    Are your paths under water as well - poor chooks, their lovely big coop and enclosure turned into a swimming pool. I hate to think what my garden looks like

    1. The coop is only just getting muddy.
      The path is full of water because it was dug out but not filled with the paving mix