Thursday, July 14, 2022

Home stretch

I finished off the pattern part of the blanket today. 
This was the start of the last line 

Then I spent ages knotting all the loose ends 
And then I trimmed them all right back. 
Kinda like hairdressing for blankets or 

Here it is. Ready for me to start on the double border 

It will have to wait until next week now. 
Tomorrow is princess Anastasia day 

The weather is still cold and it’s rained most nights so it’s still really wet outside 
I’m now getting over the winter and want to hurry up and get to moaning about the heat of summer 

I hope the weather where you are is nice and not too extreme 


  1. Magnifique!! Looks wonderful. You're a crochet whizz. I love the different colours and patterns

    1. I’ve been working on this since April definitely not a quick project
      It’s a great stash buster project

  2. I still haven't tried my hand at mosaic. There are some fantastic patterns out there.

    1. Sooooo many
      Maybe if you start to come to our group I could help you start one

  3. That is really beautiful - like some woven rug or tapestry.

  4. It takes a genius to figure out how to leave a comment., Love your chickens and I hear you about grand babies, my youngest is now in college and I have 22