Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Moving along

Woke up this morning and it was cold. Really cold 
This was the temp when I got back home after being at the pool for almost two hours 

I then had an ouchie massage and was told to take it easy for the rest of the day 

So I started a new mosaic blanket 

This is the first part of Rosina crochet called 
Flora’s fauna 

I miss calculated and my ladybirds are black. But the pattern is a double repeat so I’ll make sure the next set are red 

I’ve been a good girl and staying inside resting and feeding the fire with firewood trying to keep the house warm 

Hopefully it’s a tad warmer tomorrow morning. Took ages to defrost my car 


  1. Black ladybirds with orange (or red) spots are a thing. We used to love finding those ones in the garden.

    1. That’s what I thought. Ladybirds come in all colours
      Besides im allowed artistic license lol

  2. At least you can still swim in that temperature. Lovely to have the pool and the option of a massage. All the best with the rest of the ladybirds

    1. It really is nice to have an indoor pool so close to home
      The massage isn’t a nice relaxing one but it does help in the long term.
      I found out during the lockdowns how much good both these things are for keeping me upright and walking

  3. We have had some very cold mornings. I look forward to seeing the pattern evolve. I'm not even going to google it!