Friday, July 1, 2022

Another Friday

Another Friday has come and gone 
This cheeky monkey is now walking everywhere and grandma is kept on her toes 
She’s still a little wobbly but oh my she gets going and goes and goes 
The whole time giggling and being so very proud of herself 

They’re really not babies for long. 
Before we know it. She’ll be off to school 
For now. I’ll treasure every day I get to spend with her 


  1. Such a cutie and such an exciting time. Everyday they dare a little more. She's a sweetie

    1. She loves being with grandma and give me lots of cuddles. I’m very blessed to be able to spend time with her

  2. They are so entertaining at this stage. Will she go to the local school? She and Alice are near in age.

    1. I have, successfully I think, advocated for our local school.
      That way she can spend time before school with grandpa and he’ll take her
      Then after school by grandma who can pick her up.