Saturday, July 9, 2022


We have rain. Lots and lots of rain 

Before redoing the drains this would of been a giant lake. 
This looks like lots of water but for the rain we have had it’s really not 

The trees look like they’re flooded but it’s only just on the surface 

You can see we raised the level. We left the grass there for the chickens to snack 

And their coop is really dry 
We will continue to add hay so they’re not walking in mud 

I fed the breakfast of a celery I harvest from the garden and a mix of chicken grain feed and layer pellets 

Pendles has started crowing so cool 

The calves are busy eating their breakfast 

Ana is here for a few hours today 
And I’ve got art class later this morning 

Meanwhile I’ll stay in here where it’s nice snd warm 


  1. Make sure you show us your art work. Does the teacher come to you or do you go elsewhere?

    1. I go to her. She’s only ten minutes up the road and there is one other student
      It’s great fun and we all paint and encourage eachother

  2. It's starting to look like Norfolk (East Anglia) around you. You'll have reed beds next, and be changing the street name to The Broads.

    1. We do have reeds growing. And they’re so hard to pull out!
      We have lots of water but nowhere near as much as further north. Some places have flooded four times already this winter. Shocking