Saturday, July 2, 2022

Change of plans

Today hubby and I went out into the rose garden to continue pruning. 
It was much easier with a second pair of hands 

It was getting towards lunch so I got out a small container of what I thought was spaghetti sauce 
I defrosted it and it was chicken with sauce and veggies. 

So I boiled up some rice and made a kinda cheats risotto 

But as usual I cooked too much rice 
What to do?  I could of left it in the fridge to make fried rice tomorrow but as hubby was so busy outside 
I wanted to make him a treat 
He loves rice pudding. 
I had it so much as a child I haven’t made any for years. 

So I looked up the recipe and off I went 

We have both had a bowl after our lunch and this is still left 
There is enough of the risotto for hubby’s dinner and he’ll be able to have rice pudding for afterwards 
As well as tomorrow 

The rose garden is slowly coming on 
It’s looking much nicer. 
Only three rose bushes to go. I think?

I planted one little piece of pigs face two years ago and 
It took off 
It covered that wishing well and almost killed my rose bush 

I tried to start ripping it out but it was really stubborn so hubby took over 
He will get rid of the pile and he’s got some more mulch to add 

I might go back out tomorrow and see if I can finish the pruning 
It’s annoying how I can’t just do it all in one go anymore.  But it’s just not 
Worth the pain if I try 
The sun is shining at least so it was lovely just being outside 


  1. That must have been a lot of rice? Made my huMum smile, she makes normal recipe sized meals and then eats them for 4 days. What is 'pigs face'?

    1. When it comes to pasta or rice I just can’t get it right lol
      Doesn’t matter it will all get eaten
      Pigs face is a succulent I’m not sure what their horticulture name is but seriously
      It’s bullet proof

  2. Lovely flower
    Coffee is on and stay safe