Wednesday, July 6, 2022


It’s been so cold this last week
Definitely been feeling it in my bones, sinew and everywhere else! 
This was yesterday. Total white out. I had to drive to the local supermarket, 
Thankfully it’s in the next street over. I got some supplies and headed off to see my 
Baby girl and her babies 
It has been ages since we caught up my how those girls have grown 

This morning. No fog but white everywhere 
I’ve just taken these and it’s nine in the morning 
The sun is up and the ice is melting but you can still see the lawn is still pretty much crispy white 

You can. See it on the new mulch as well 

Here you can see it’s melted in the sun but where the sun hasn’t hit yet you can see the white 

I’m not doing well. 
Pain is off the scale and because of that I’ve not slept 
Hubby said I tossed and turned all night 
Sorry hubby I didn’t mean too 

So I’ve decided a big pot of soup
Made from pumpkin and sweet potato from the garden is just what I need 
Then a Harry Potter marathon snug on the couch working on my blanket 
It’s so big and heavy now it keeps you toasty warm 

For the Aussies living in the flood zone stay safe 
Hopefully the rain stops and you are all nice and dry again very soon 
Stay warm 


  1. Definitely was cold out our way this morning but hasn’t it turned into a gloriously sunny dry day. Feeling sad for those in NSW - we’ll be travelling up the Newell on Friday, alerts out for Parkes and Dubbo so I’m hoping the roads will be open by then.
    Take care Angela….take as much rest as you need. Keep on crafting - The men can feed themselves!

    1. Oh I hope you can get through
      Yes the sun is shining but it’s still pretty chilly
      I’ve made some veggie soup for them that should warm them right up
      Safe travels

  2. I do hope you feel better soon. Chronic pain is so debilitating. Being a "hidden" complaint there is often little understanding and less sympathy.
    Soup and crochet sound like a good plan.
    We don't seem to get frosts here. I love a good crispy frost.

    1. If there is ever going to be fog and frosts. It’s here. I can drive from my house to the highway and it will clear We must be in a dip

  3. Sorry to read about the pain. As for the ice - just think of all the garden bugs it is killing off, while you are working on your blanket.

    1. And it makes the kale sweet. So it’s all good by me. As long as I can stay inside lol

  4. Those are really wintery photos. Hope the sun shines and warms up those bones of yours

    1. I’m sure in a few months I’ll be complaining it’s too hot