Monday, April 25, 2022

Winding down

The pumpkin harvest this year. We didn’t have much room so we opted for butternut in the end we had 17. It will shared with my children. Lots of pumpkin soup for winter 

Looking much better now. 
I’m having a little rest before I go out and finish cleaning up 

Due to weird weather we got some small unripe pumpkins and a  Couple of cucumbers we missed that had got too big. So I chopped them up and gave them to the chickens 

Along with some bizarre carrots 

The vines have gone to the calves 

Although the don’t seem hungry. I wonder why lol 
They have been munching on this and snuggle into it to sleep 

Gave the dill a hair cut and drying it for winter use 

It’s Anzac day day.  We remember all those that served our country. 
Always an emotional day. 

This afternoon my football, Collingwood, team plays in a traditional class against Essendon. 

They do a pregame mini service to our Anzac's. 
With particular emphasis on past players that served 
Always have to have tissues ready 

I’ll finish up all I want done today and settle down to watch the game. 

Part of my Anzac tradition 


  1. Butternuts make delicious soup.
    The calves will need somewhere to snuggle once they've eaten all that!

    1. By the time they eat all that
      We will put them in the big paddock with the sheep and alpacas
      They’ll feel more secure once their part of a larger group

  2. I'm a fan of dill.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. It smells lovely.
      It will remind me of summer when I use it over winter

  3. That's a serious pumpkin harvest. You've just reminded me to plant mine. I was a bit late last year. Not that we grew any, just a mass of green leaves crawling all over the garden. I've prepared what I hoped is good compost for them this year.
    I watched the dawn service live in Dunedin and then in Cairns. Raining in both places. And serious tears on my part especially during the national anthems. It's many many years since I've seen an Anzac service

  4. Reading this has reminded me there’s a butternut in the laundry waiting to be turned into soup. Must get onto that soon.
    Bet you were pleased with the footy result!

    1. It was a cracker of a game. And yes a happy little magpie now

  5. Angela - is there somewhere i can leave you a message that doesn't get published? F