Sunday, April 24, 2022

Greek Easter

Easter was at my sisters house. 

The traditional lamb on the spit 

Family all together 
There are so many little people now that she has to buy another table to fit us all 

Ana’s second Easter. She wax only two weeks old last year 

The great grandparents 
Watching all the kids play 

As the Greeks say 
Here’s to next year 


  1. Geia sou Anglela & Family, Kaló Páscha apó mia ellinoïrlandikí oikogéneia pou zei sto Vélgio. Latrévo to blog sas. Mia méra tha systithó, den écho blog.
    Éfkola sta «Kókkina Avgá»! Me ektímisi, Stin ygeiá sas, Breege

  2. Kai tou hrono!! We have just finished eating here on Poros. Lamb and kokoreysi, kontosouvli and, wait for it, a huge bbqed fish. The fish was brought by a member of the extended family. Lovely but with so much meat just a bit too much. Tomorrow we celebrate At George . Another feast of leftovers .
    Love to all your family. Lovely photos!!

    1. Yup we always over cater
      We all let with big tinfoil containers with food
      Lunch and dinner taken care off today