Sunday, April 17, 2022

For tigger
Tigger asked about the borders  on my mosaic blanket 
Here is a very simple tutorial first you do a slip stitch border all around the blanket 
You can see both sides 
You then use this border to pick up the stitches and make one Double crochet (us) into every stitch 

Go all around and make sure you do two stitches with a Space  in the corners 

You then do the same on the other side 

As you can see you now have one border on each side and the ends are sandwiched between the two 

You then do a final round of single crochet(us) using only the two middle strands of the “v” 

It seals the ends between and finished off the blanket nicely 
There are clever people who will do mosaic in the round for each side of the borders, but I haven tried that as yet 

So there you have it. No more seeing in ends 
I do knot the ends and then trim them so they fit nicely into the envelope created by the twin borders

A simple and clever idea 
Hope this had helped 


  1. Πολη Ωραια (I'm not even sure I spelled that correctly) or as a Danish friend of mine would say: "most excellent". (The Danish accent makes it sound even better.) Thank you loads and we will definitely try that on the next one we do.

    1. Hope it helps. Please post pics when done

  2. Very clever and it does look easy too. Even I could do that.... I think
    Thanks Angela

    1. Mosaic crochet is really easy. It truely is
      Seriously if I can do it anyone can

  3. I love the effect of mosaic crochet. Once my current obsession eases and I get back to crochet I will give it a go.

  4. Look nice warm for cooler days
    Coffee is on and stay safe