Sunday, April 10, 2022

Trixies post

Mummy is very tired and in lots of pain 
She has been very busy and is now paying for it. 

So to make her sit and rest I’m sitting on her so she can’t get up 

I take my job of looking after her very seriously, I even spent all last night cuddling her to help her
 with her pain And anxiety 
She will hopefully feel better and be back soon 


  1. Oh Angela, I am so sorry to hear you're under the weather. Trixie is doing a good job keeping you still. Be gentle with yourself. Sending you healing vibes and a big anti-anxiety hug.

  2. Get plenty of rest, sending you healing vibes.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. Lots of healing vibes from Dr Tigger too. Dr Trixie, you appear to have the technique perfected. xxx Mr T

  4. Sit tight Trixie and don't let her move an inch.
    Here's wishing you a swift recovery

  5. Thank you all. Trixie is doing a fantastic job of making me sit. She gives me those sad eyes and once I on the couch she’s straight on my lap. I really don’t think we deserve fur babies but thank the gods for their love