Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Changing climates

Those of us that grow plants have already seen the changes in our climate. 

The apricot tree was losing its leaves and I was planing a big hair cut for it 

But we’ve had unseasonably warm weather and the confused tree has begun to sprout new leaves 

The bulbs are dying back 

But the sweet pea is re-sprouting 

My chicken grazing pots are doing well  

The tamarillo are coming along nicely. I might try and take cuttings this year 

My poor pumpkins don’t know what’s going on. The vines were dying off but now have more green leaves and flowers 

The eggplants are still producing so I’ll keep harvesting until the stop 

The brassica that were planted first are doing very well kale and I think cauliflower are in these beds 

So definitely a confusing time for my plants 
So because they don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do. I won’t pull
Anything out until they have definitely gone to god 

I guess I’ll just be grateful that I’m
Still producing food for the table 


  1. Replies
    1. Because it’s so big I didn’t net it.
      I didn’t get one apricot. The birds got them all and left me a mess of pips on the ground

  2. Are there any bees around to help the pumpkins?
    Going to be cool again tonight- bet the apricot starts to drop again soon. Get the pruning saw out!

    1. We have lots of bees for which I am very grateful
      As soon as it’s naked I’ll start to hack at it

  3. Many years ago we bought a house which had a very large old apricot tree. In a final last hurrah it produced a mass of apricots. It wasn't the birds that got the fruit. It was the bloody neighbours who saw husband drive off but didn't realise I was still home. The kids came in yelling that the nasty neighbours (yes there was history!) were stealing the apricots. They had a ladder on the footpath and were stripping the tree. When I confronted them and suggested they leave some for others they scurried away.

    1. I’ve heard a few people say that someone had come in and stripped fruit trees and taken veggies out of the garden
      Seriously if your hungry ask me and I’ll gladly share but to steal food I’ve laboured to grow for my family is just evil

  4. Those trees and plants are very confused but looks as though you'll be benefitting by the longer season. All our vines and plants are just sprouting whereas this time last year they were covered in greenery. It's been a long winter.
    Very definitely a change in climate north and south

    1. The summer crops I planted late are doing well I kinda had a feeling it would last longer it’s been getting longer but starting later every year
      I’ll just keep planting and hoping of getting something from the garden