Monday, April 11, 2022

One thing

Leads to another. Have you ever noticed that 
I was given yet more grappa so off I went to get lemons 

My son suggested I trie to make some orange flavour orangecello 

So I did. Oranges are cheaper than lemons. They come in bigger bags so the bigger jar had the oranges 

After that I decided to make jam. I also was given some passion fruit so I added most of those to the jam. 

I had too many just for the jam so I made a passion fruit cake 

Right now cake is in the oven. Jam is bubbling away and the grappa has been put away to stew 

This is how it’s so very easy to overdo 

I promise I’ll rest once this is all done 

Until dinner time anyway 


  1. Crikey Moses, woman. You are a machine! I don't think I've ever had grappa but I do have some limoncello made with vodka that a friend gave me years ago. I should probably start to use it.
    Now go and sit down or I will tell Trixie you have been misbehaving!

    1. I did sit. And I actually started working on my crochet again

  2. What a great idea to make orangecello. You're obviously feeling much better now ☺️
    The limoncello I made with grappa last year needs a lot of tweaking. The taste of grappa rather overcomes the lemon. I must make some Lemon syrup and add it to the liqueur but
    I'm dragging my heels

    1. I used lots of lemons and left it for a while
      I then use lots of sugar
      The bonus is, our neighbour doesn’t make really strong grappa so it’s nice