Saturday, April 16, 2022

Moving right along

Chris came over and started work on the path from the back gate to the chicken coop. 

I wasn’t fussed about a path  really. But the boys wanted me to have one. They are going all out to make it nice for me. 
Chris takes such pride in his work. This I think will help his business explode 

The soil was used to start building up this area 
We will enclose it and it will become my small orchard and veggie patch. I’ve got passion fruit vines to grow on the fence. I’ll but some dwarf trees during winters bare rooted sakes snd next year plant pumpkins 

The chickens ate setting in. And now come running when they see me. I’m the nice lady who feeds them 

I finished the baby blanket 
If you didn’t know the pattern you wouldn’t know the big boo-boo 

My masseuse’s niece is having a baby girl so I’ll gift this to her. I hope she likes it 

Hubby had gone out to finish weeding around the trees we will feed them and bed them down for the winter 
The birthday girl is being dropped off today so her parents can get the house ready for her party tomorrow 

Which means I need to get up and get going. I’m still in my pj’s 


  1. You will need a stall at the front of your place to sell your produce. On Wednesday afternoons around 3.30!
    The blanket looks lovely.

    1. No stall. But if your passing through once I harvest you might get one for free!

  2. I like color of backhoe.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. It’s a lovely bright colour.
      And so handy I wish I had my own to play with lol

  3. Those chooks look fabulous and we are jealous of all your garden development plans. One day. How do you do your crochet borders? They look rolled and it makes a great looking edge.

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  5. The link didn’t work
    It’s called the double boarder or envelope boarder. It’s really very easy
    Since I can’t get the link to work I might do a post of on it myself. But if you YouTube it you will find a few vids on how it’s done. Very clever

  6. Your blanket is beautiful.
    Have fun with your birthday girl

    1. Thank you. Yes we had fun it’s been a full few days