Thursday, April 7, 2022

Making it pretty

We have some spoon bowl drains to help keep the paddocks dry. 

They’re not the most attractive so onto Pinterest i went and got a few ideas 

I showed hubby and he agreed so he got some  river rocks 
I got some  plants 

And turned boring old drains into 

River beds 

He did all the hard work. But I did bring two loads of rock over to him in the front end bucket of our tractor 

It looks so much nicer and will look even better when all the plants grow 

Still have lots of ideas so stay tuned 
You never know what will happen next around here 


  1. The river beds look fabulous. Bring on the rain!

    1. It’s been so dry lately. We could do with some rain

  2. Replies
    1. Hopes the plants all grow well. I did get expert advice so here’s hoping

  3. What are the plants, and will they not die when they outgrow their pots?

    1. They’re grasses that love the water mostly. They have been taken out of their pots and planted into the ground. Hopefully they will grow and multiply keeping the water clean and provide a habitat to bugs and frogs

    2. I guess I was being a little dense there, perhaps because the rocks looked deeper than they apparently are, and I worried that the plants would have no soil to grow in. I even speculated that the pots were biodegradable, and so by the time they broke down, the roots would have reached the underlying soil.

      I quite admire the way you've enhanced both the area's drainage and its appearance. You're nothing if not a hard worker and a careful planner.

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