Tuesday, April 5, 2022

We have chickens

This morning I filled the house with organic sugar cane mulch and set up the nesting boxes 

I wanted it deep to keep my chooks warm 

This area was dirt and since we are heading into winter I didn’t want my babies walking through mud 

The site manager making sure I was doing a good job 

So finally after a frustrating time on the iPad I found someone who could sell me six girls and a rooster all the same breed 

So I rang hubby and off we went. They were an hour and a half away

The big black and white is the rooster and I’ve named him Pendles after my favourite footy player 

They are Brahmas 

You can read all about them here 

They are a dual purpose chicken both laying well and growing well for meat 

These won’t be meat. These are my breeders I’ll hopefully raise chicks. Sell the hens and fatten up the Roos for the freezer 
But we shall see. I might just keep what I have and just eat the eggs 

I’m very excited. Happy girl with her new chickens 


  1. Kalo riziko. Love the way the other livestock are all lined up watching them.
    Lots of happy chooks and a happy mum. Have fun

    1. I noticed that after I posted. Everyone wants to get onto the blog lol

  2. How exciting. I have always fancied the idea of keeping chickens but have never had space. And I wouldn't know what to do with them when they stop laying.

    1. I had chickens that laid for years. Unfortunately the foxes got them once my dog Molly got too old to chase them so it kinds took that decision out of my hands