Thursday, April 21, 2022

Still here.

Last weekend was full on between minding Ana for two days and her party 
Inbetween I was a tad tired 

So this week has been one of go slow

I picked these this morning 
The spaghetti squash vine was totally dead so I brought them in. Not sure about the green 
Coloured one. If it’s not ripe I’ll cut it up and feed it to the chickens 

There are some big beetroots in the sink. 
I’ll roast some and boil some with the leaves and have them as a salad 

The eggplants and three chillies will also get roasted. So dinner tonight is all set 

The fire has now been going for three days. 
I have a besser brick home, and once the temps go down it can feel cold with all that concrete 
Around us 

I did have the ducted heating on once or twice but it’s just not the same heat 
Wood fires are so much cosier 

Been slowly working on the autumn harvest blanket 
It’s really wide so each row take a little while to complete 
It doesn’t matter. It’s for me. So no deadline to finish by 

Greek Easter is this weekend. 
I’ll make the pita, cheese pie on Sunday morning 
We are going to my sisters for the Easter feast 

I no longer fast or go to church. 
I wouldn’t be able to stay awake with the meds I take 
I’m sure Jesus doesn’t mind. He knows the pain I’m in 
He’s very forgiving I hear 


  1. I keep looking at our heater - it’s going on sometime but maybe not just yet. Warm blankets on the couch will do for the moment but hot food is a must. Have you seen the overnight temps for the next few nights….6°!, The heating might be going on sooner than I just said😊
    Enjoy your time with the rellies

    1. Yup it’s turned really cold so quick
      I’ve had the wood burning on low with no fan it just keeps the chill off

  2. Enjoy your Easter day. Im going to my daughter's this year. Time to sit back and watch someone else work. I'm making a Serbian potato salad and garlic bread. There'll be enough Greek food.
    Wouldn't mind a bit of cheese pie though.
    Have fun with your loved ones, especially those little girls!
    Kali Pascha

    1. Spell check gets us every time
      Enjoy being a guest instead of the host
      Kali anastasi

  3. Enjoy your Easter. I love cheese pie.

    1. I make a mean Greek three cheese pie, it’s the thing everyone wants me to bring every time