Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Cardio day

Saw the cardiologist today 
They did blood pressure and wired me up for an ECG. I think? 
And they were fine. 
So he’s given me a script for a non statin cholesterol tablets 
I can’t take the others. I’m allergic 

For home quick from appointment, it’s great now specialists have started setting up practices here.
It’s a quick trip In, a short wait, and then back home again. 

Since getting home I’ve been cooking up a storm 
To use up all the eggs I’ve made an egg and spinach pie for he boys lunch 
I had so much filling I actually was able to make two 

Then I made a big batch of savoury mince meat. With lots of yummy veggies fresh from my garden 
And some that were frozen  from last summer.  
The mince is from our paddocks too 

The day is now sunny and nice. 
I’ve opened doors and windows to let some fresh air in 
I’ll go and get my meds later this afternoon and I might visit a local nursery to see if they have any plants I want. 

Enjoy your day whatever you do 


  1. I like that food! Funny, today I made a quiche, too, homegrown bell peppers and onions. Glad your health is ticking over nicely.

  2. Replies
    1. I had to taste them. They smelled really good

  3. Well done on a good report from the cardiologist.
    Your cooking is making me hungry! Those pies look awesome.

  4. Good news on the blood pressure. Hope the pills do their work.
    The pies are magnificent. We would have demolished the first one, well most of it, while it was still piping hot 😅

    1. The boys came over just as they were ready for their lunch. It passed muster

  5. So good you had no serious issues Angela, and those pies look delish!

    1. Thanks. Still a few tests to be done but I honestly feel fine

  6. Good news on the cardio. Great to celebrate with satisfying food.