Saturday, September 10, 2022

Saturday jobs

While I was at art class hubby started on finishing the veggie garden area   

He moved the boundary a few weeks ago but the weather hadn’t been cooperating 

It’s really opened up the area so we have plans for more of the blue wicking beds 

My tulips are showing colour 
I’ve never grown them before so it’s very exciting to see them come up 

In class we have been working on an Australian outback scene.  I think this is finished but who knows I may turn up next week and decide to add something 

That’s the biggest trick to learn. When to stop 

After filling up the fire with more wood. Hanging a load of washing on a clothes horse to dry 
I’m back to this blanket. 
Row two of boarder. 
I hope to finish this today so I can start on something new 

The telly is full of the passing of  Queen Elizabeth 11  
She was a constant in our lives for so long. 
She kept her vow to serve for as long as she lived. 
May she now rest in peace 


  1. What is a wicking bed? Do you buy them or make them? You will be exhibiting at the national gallery soon!!

  2. We make them. We will use the half barrel and you make a reservoir at the bottom that you fill with water and it wicks up to the plants. You can search it in YouTube they’re very easy to make and are great for our hot summers

  3. Your paintings are amazing. That one is wetter than we imagined the red heart to be.

    1. It’s further up north there are lots of rivers where this pic was taken

  4. I'm a new follower, thanks to Tigger. Here for the rugs, and whatever other wonders there are! Hello from NJ USA.

    1. Hello and welcome. I hope I don’t disappoint

  5. Your garden is so tidy and organized. A very pretty picture ( the garden and the painting lol)
    I'm watching BBC now. All so hushed and serious. Very interesting though hearing about protocol and such

    1. It’s a once in a life time situation I think. Well so far it has been. Who knows how long King Charles will rein

  6. Look like your keeping busy.
    Glad your enjoying your paintings
    Coffee is on and stay safe