Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Today we let the fire go out. We have almost run out of split wood. We have more to be split but it’s in the middle of a big mud bog. 

I can turn on the ducted heating but I’m going to hold off until later. 
I’m sitting under one of my mosaic blankets and working on a simple C2C. I’m using up all the odd bits and pieces. Once I’ve run out of those I’ll use up the the balls of yarn that I only have one or two off. 

I’m going to try and make it as big as a queen bed. So I’ll see how I go. 
If I have to use yarn from my stash I will. 
I have a big stash lol 

It’s starting to drizzle outside 
So I’m definitely staying put. I’m nice and warm and I have Netflix. I’ll be ok for a while 


  1. It's definitely a stay indoors day. Your C2C looks lovely.

    1. It started to rain so I definitely just stayed in

  2. It's a good day for a project that covers you as you work. C2C? I must look this up.

  3. Trixie certainly looks very comfortable.