Monday, September 19, 2022

Busy weekend

I’ve had a very busy and tiring weekend. 
It started with Friday. Being a normal Friday I had Ana. She is quite the little character these days 
She knows exactly how to get what she wants from grandma and she’s so adorable doing it. 
You just don’t care that your being manipulated lol 
She will now walk to the spare room, making sure I follow her, and grab her pram this is obviously 
The I want to go out to the shed to see grandpa and daddy 
It’s still cold. And wet. So I tell her she needs a coat. And she will happily allow me to dress her before putting 
Her in the pram 

Saturday I was off to art class where we had lots of laughs and finished off our paintings 
To begin work on yet another masterpiece 

Saturday night I stayed at my baby girls house watching her baby girls 
They do get so much easier as they get older. 
We did some drawing and colouring in 
The girls showed me dances and songs. 
And even introduced me to some Strange cartoons 
I didn’t understand them at all. But the girls loved them so we watched 

They were very good and went to bed at eight. So easy 
I went to my bed planing to read. But I fell asleep as well 

Sunday come home to get organised and then off to my sisters house for a family 
Lots of children running around 
Lots of catching up 
And lots of reminiscing 

Finally home again in time to take my medication 
Watch a movie and go off to bed. 

I did make it to swimming this morning 
I do want to stay up and watch the Queens funeral tonight 
 But I’ll  see how I go. 

The rest of the short week is busy as well 
And then we have Thursday as a public holiday to honour the Queen 
Friday is the public holiday for the AFL grand final weekend 

As my team lost and is now out for the season I plan
To try and do stuff outside and not sit inside to watch 

No wonder I’m constantly exhausted 


  1. Even happy things can be tiring. Maybe take it easy for a day or two.
    Which blanket is that one?

    1. It’s the baby blanket for my daughters friend.
      I’ll show you all once it’s gone to it’s new home

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend! The Queen's funeral is on TV here in Canada as I type this, but here it's first thing in the morning.

    1. It started here around seven pm and went into the night.