Sunday, September 25, 2022


Hubby and I spent the morning in the garden. 
The sun is shining and and it wasn’t too cold 

We started by pulling out the cabbages. 
There were six in here but one was eaten by bugs so that one went into the pile 
To be fed to the chickens. 
The other five came into the kitchen 

We weeded and pulled out the plants that had gone to seed. 
The chickens got lots of greens to eat this morning 

Both beds then got a top dressing of compost and a couple one hand fulls of all purpose organic fertiliser 
And we added the mulch. 

They’re now ready for. Spring plantings 

These are the strawberry towers. 
We have planted out one. They take 20 plants 
I’ll get some more seedlings during the week and finish the second one 

My lilac is flowering such a happy sight 

Because I don’t spray I had to wash my cabbages very well. 
To get rid of all the extra protein that might be in them 
Lots of little slugs and a couple of snails.  

If you soak them the little bugs will come to the surface to not drown. 
Even so. I took small handfuls to put in the colanders checking them thoroughly  

The neighbours across the road gave us a heap of onions so I cooked up about half of them 
And added some of the cabbage 
I cooked them and have put them in containers for the freezer 

The rest of the cabbage went into bags to freeze. 
I’ll use them when I’m cooking 

There are still four cabbages out back 
But I’m done for today 
Now to wait for the seedlings to get big enough to plant out 


  1. Wowe your lilac flowering already. I get told off for not wearing my glasses when I wash greens in the house because of added protein that ends up on plates.

    1. They do like to hide lol. I’m confident I’ve got the bulk of them lol

  2. A well spent morning. I think I might have overdone the bean seeds. We will have heaps of beans! Lilac is one of my favourite flowers. Such a delicate fragrance.

    1. Nothing wrong with beans. They freeze well and you can eat them all winter.
      The flowers are still small but the smell wonderful

  3. Such a busy time of year for gardeners! Your chickens will be happy!

  4. I really like your strawberry containers. Cabbages are slowly coming onto the market here. Can't wait to make some coleslaw. Your family will never go hungry!