Sunday, September 4, 2022

Sunday stroll

Just wandering around the garden seeing what’s going on and sleepy plants are slowly waking up form winter’s slumber 

The white mulberries are  only just starting to bud 

The black mulberry is four years old now and has well and truely come back to life 

The seedlings are getting bigger. I don’t think I like the little pod thingies. Technical term lol 
Ye old timey is the better way to go I think 

I Can just see my first potato peaking out of the potting mix 
Where there is one. Hopefully it means the rest will soon burst forth 

Fruit trees are covered in blossom 

The citrus are still green and healthy.  Good sign that even with all the rain we have had, they didn’t get wet feet 

The peach, I think, that was in a pot for a few years and didn’t do well at all  it’s got blossoms so hopefully it’s much happier here 

The chickens have had fresh wood shavings put in to keep their feet dry and clean 
We are getting multiple eggs everyday 

It’s been so wet we even have mushrooms 
Don’t know what kind they are so I’ll just leave them where they are 

There is so much to do in the garden but it’s still just too wet I pulled out two weeds and so much dirt came up with them they left huge holes 

I’ll just have to wait a tad longer 
Soon it will be all hands in deck as it will be a full time job weeding and keeping it all weed free 

Roll on spring 


  1. It looks like a good year for fruit trees unless something drastic weather wise happens.
    The chicken run looks like a good and safe set up.

  2. I hear you with the wet. Your seedlings are looking good. Mine are slowly getting there.

  3. It's so great to see things coming alive again in the Spring!

  4. Spring is in the air all right. You have a nice lot of buds and seedlings there.