Thursday, September 15, 2022

Spring colours

As the daffodils are dying off, the tulips are about to burst open 
I’ve never grown them before so I’m
Very excited 

The first asparagus spear has emerged 

A second one just coming through 
Even hubby was happy. 
Now to wait for the third growing season so we can eat some 

Another potato is popping up 

The first one is now a tad bigger. 
Hopefully they grow bigger once it finally starts to warm up 

Slowly, slowly the garden is waking up 
So the plants think spring is on its way. 
Me. Well I’m not convinced as yet 


  1. I love tulips. Such gorgeous colours. I couldn't restrain myself and would have to try just one spear of asparagus. THREE years? Phhhhtttttt. My spuds are taking their sweet time but I did splurge on seeds at Aldi today.

    1. I guess it’s just been too cold.
      Hopefully that changes soon

  2. Tulips. How wonderful. The elm trees on our street are full of bright green hops, seeds, that will soon fall and then leaves will appear. Already the plane trees are showing some green.

    1. I love it. It’s like everything is waking up from a deep sleep

  3. Look at that asparagus. It's growing steadily. Very exciting. Pity you have to wait so long to eat them. The spring flowers are gorgeous

    1. I will restrain myself so that I can enjoy the big fat spears that will come in the third harvest I should of planted them years ago. Oh well. Better late than never

  4. Can you grow sweet potatoes there?
    Coffee is on and stay safe