Thursday, September 1, 2022

Unexpectedly busy night

Last night I awoke to pretty bad chest pains 
I had a tight chest with pain radiating up my neck and into my jaw 
I felt sick and had shortness of breath 

So after trying to walk it off, I decided I needed to wake hubby and ring an ambulance 

One arrived about twenty minutes later and got me hooked, up and took down details 
They were at the end of their shift but were the closest to me. So they came to monitor me
Until another ambulance could come to take me to hospital 

The second arrived and off we went. 
I had a moment in the ambulance where I felt clammy and sick and my vitals dropped 

But the lovely paramedic was on it and helped me feel better 

Got to the frankston hospital and within 15-20 minutes I was in a bed being monitored and drained of blood for tests 

They came back normal

Four hours later more blood was taken and tests repeated 
Once again. Normal. 

So no heart attack. But a big warning. 
So I have come home this morning feeling very tired, with referrals to a cardiologist 

It was very scary before the ambulances arrived. But I felt instantly calmer when they started talking to me 
And telling me exactly what they were doing and why

People like to bad mouth our health system but I was very well looked after by everyone 
I did feel a bit silly when all tests came back normal, but I was quickly told to not even think like that 
It’s much better to be safe than sorry 

Our medical people are so lovely, their bloods worth bottling 
I am very grateful I live in Australia 
I’m a public patient so I won’t get a bill for an overnight stay in hospital 
And We have had ambulance subscription since we got married so I won’t get a huge bill for that either 

So today I’m resting and not getting overworked about anything 
Just being very grateful 


  1. Crikey Angela that's scary. Good to hear false alarm but even so you don't need scares like that.

  2. Blimey that would have been terrifying. Medical staff would rather see someone like you than have to tell a family their loved one ignored important symptoms. Frankston hospital gets a bad rap but I've only heard good from family and friends. Take care of yourself.

  3. Oh Angela, glad to hear your ok. Look after yourself xxx

  4. I had some heart issues in 2020/21 and two trips to The Alfred by ambulance, covered by my health fund, and excellent caring treatment at The Alfred as a public patient, I have nothing but praise for our system.

  5. Glad you were looked after so well and no heart attack. Take it easy Angela.

  6. Thank goodness the ambulance arrived quickly. A frightening experience. The ambulance subscription was well worth it. I wonder what the cardiologist will say.
    Take care

  7. Oh Angela, l am glad you are ok.l remember when that happened to me and daren called for the ambulance..was scared as bloods all came back good and they put it down to anxiety attack.But l have nevered had those symptoms before with my anxiety. Xxx