Thursday, September 22, 2022


No. Not the Island or town. The musical! 

A friend, Nancy and I headed off to the city to see the show 
We have had lots of disruptions on our train lines, due to works. 
So we decided to leave around nine to leave us plenty of time to get into melbourne 
The show started at one, but as it’s been so long since she has last been to the city 
We didn’t mind having to kill a few hours before the start 

Work on the train line was finished so beforehand we knew it 
We had arrived 
We decided to get off at Melbourne central and find somewhere to have breakfast and coffee 

After coffee we wandered around looking at all the shops in the alleyways of Melbourne 
Feeling sad as so many places had closed down 
Many more didn’t open until eleven 
And even though it was school holidays the city was not busy at all. 

We got to the theatre about forty minute before showtime 
Had a drink at the bar and then got seated ready for the start 

It was an explosion of song and dance. So much energy
The whole thing is done in rap music and sometimes they rapped so fast I had trouble 
Understanding what they were saying. 
Yup. I’m old lol 
But it really was a fantastic show 

A history lesson with a very modern twist 
Highly enjoyable and I’d recommend it to anyone 

After the show ended we decided to leave as it was by then four o’clock and we didn’t want to travel 
In full carriages with all the workers. 
The trip home seemed so quick that we had to wait for hubby to come pick us up 

Got home exhausted but very happy. 
Now when’s the next show? 
Any ideas? 


  1. I am pleased you had a good day out. Aside from the lack of office workers and closed businesses, I've found the city quite busy, especially the main shopping streets.

    1. There were lots of empty shops. It was very sad. We went into one of the alleyways and most of the shops were empty

  2. I haven't been into the city for yonks. I doubt I would recognise it now. The last show I saw was Wicked back in '09.

    1. Apart from a few weeks ago. When we went in to see 9 to 5 the last time we were in he city was two days before the first lockdown
      It’s so much more different now. Hopefully it will come back to what it was

  3. Glad you enjoyed the show! I know there's a filmed PBS production available to see on some streaming service but I haven't seen it yet. I would probably miss most of the rap lyrics too. Subtitles would help!

    1. Oh yes. Subtitles would definitely help the oldies lol

  4. You are so lucky to be close to the city and have fast, normally, transport. You can have the best of both worlds. Rural peace of mind and the excitement of the theatre, shows, exhibitions and concerts. Sounds like a marvellous day, and show

    1. It’s an hour by train to get into the big smoke.
      But we now are getting theatres being built closer to home it’s even better.
      Especially if there is only evening shows. You can be home half an hour after it’s finished