Wednesday, September 14, 2022

A quickie

This morning I fed the chickens and collected the eggs 
We are now getting four or five eggs a day so I needed something to put them in 

Off I went. Into the sewing room and pulled out two tea towels. My daughter in law gave me some when she moved and I buy them when they’re on special so I have a few in stock 

A piece of 2.5 inc strip of fabric and I had all I needed to whip up an egg carrying apron 

It’s not as fancy as the ones I’ve seen on Pinterest 
But I’m sure it will do the job 

I’ve sown pockets into the bottom by turning up the bottom of the second tea towel 

Then sown the whole thing into the main tea towel

That way I have eight pockets to place eggs in. They won’t touch one another and be padded by the fabric 

After sowing on the binding fabric I have the ties ready for me to put on. And giving it a traditional apron look. 
Oh so I like to believe lol 

It’s not fancy but I like it 
And I made it myself with what I had on hand 
A bargain. And we all know how much I love that 


  1. We want to see a photo of you in the apron in the chook run collecting eggs.

  2. That's very clever. But I agree we have to have a working photo!

  3. Don't slip in the mud walking back to the kitchen - we would like a photo of that though if you do....( :) :0 :)

  4. What a cool idea. After my own heart!