Saturday, September 24, 2022

Just like Christmas

Yesterday I went out with friend to visit her sister who lives about 21/2 hours away from here. 

When I got home I had lots of parcels to open 
My canning tools. To make it so much easier to handle hot jars 

A book a saw on another blog 

I’m going to attempt this over summer. I think it will be a nicer project than a huge blanket 

Can help me with some tips on how to knit socks 

Snd these I only ordered yesterday morning and they were delivered that afternoon 

It is a local company but I assumed they would be closed for the public holidays

I’m going to try and grow strawberries in them 
If that fails I’ll plant succulents 

Always have a backup plan lol

It was so much fun opening the parcels. 
I do love online shopping. 
I think I might be addicted 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I might wait until I can get help from seasoned knitters to start

  2. If anyone clicks on the Field and Fen blog, you need to scroll down to find the book and a short review.

  3. I would think that strawberries would love those planters. Good luck!

    1. Hopefully they produce lots of yummy fruit to eat

  4. I am hardly a seasoned sock knitter but happy to sit and knit together. I find you tube invaluable for showing me the tricky bits. I have planted strawberries in the vege pod as I have had shocking luck with possums and birds in the past.

  5. I plan to cover these with netting I’m hoping it will be easy as they’re compact