Friday, November 25, 2022

Busy morning

This morning after breakfast Ana and I went off on a walk 

Past her daddy’s old primary school 

Past the footy oval he used to play at 

And the tennis courts where grandma used to play 

And the back home again. 
We had fun making jewellery and Ana was really good at getting the beads into the pipe cleaners 

We also had some snacks and then she wanted to go to bed. This was all by ten this morning 

While she’s been asleep grandma has feed chickens planted veggie seeds and watered pots. 

Now Trixie and I have having a little rest before Ana wakes up to do even more exciting things this afternoon 

Hope your all keeping busy too 


  1. That was a long walk. I hope you waved at Sally as you went by!!

  2. It was before school started I doubt she was there yet

  3. Good idea to grab a rest while Ana did. She's perpetual motion.

    1. She’s just like her daddy was. I only just survived him lol

  4. You had a strenuous morning. Hope you had strength for the rest of the day! Did you knit her 'skoufaki'? It's a lovely hat

    1. No it’s one her mummy bought her. It’s very cute
      The afternoon was just as busy. We walked to the crystal place around the corner and saw all the dinosaurs in the yard. I’ll have to do a post on that.

  5. Thank you for sharing.
    Coffee is on and stay safe