Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Flower power

The sun had finally come out and decided to stay for a few days. So this morning I wandered around admiring 
All the blooms. 

The roses as usual and proving they are hardy and forgiving 

They all have been in the ground so long I can’t remember which is which. But some smell Devine while others just look pretty 

This little yellow one was not doing well. But finally it’s starting to take off. 

This one had big beautiful flowers but not much aroma 

Some snapdragons that have self seeded 

The nasturtium is making a lovely living mulch. Although we do need to weed. Again 

Sweet pea that just self seeds year after year 

I hope you enjoy strolling through my garden 
Happy blooming hump day 


  1. Lovely walk in a flower garden, and I envy you the self seeding flowers, particularly my favorite sweet peas.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. They make me look like I have bright green thumbs

  3. I love yellow roses. K bought me one a few years ago but unfortunately it didn't last long. And nasturtiums are definitely a favourite. Yours are vibrant