Thursday, November 24, 2022


Fibro fog struck again Yesterday I was messaging my friend and was making lots of typos.  I mentioned to her that 
I felt like I had someone else’s glasses on. 
This info is very important 

I said my goodbye and proceeded to do my crochet and watch some DVDs while sitting up in bed 

My eyes were ok with the crochet but not really with small print like on your phone. 

I received a message reminding me I had a dental appointment at ten and could I respond yes or no 

Easy enough right?
Well no. I didn’t read the WHOLE text. Why should I really.  I mean you usually get the reminder text the day before. 

Well off I went this morning, after a sleepless night fretting about a dentist visit 
Only to find out that it’s next Wednesday! 

How stupid do I feel. Very let me tell you. But it’s all good. 
For one thing. No dentist today 
I was able to organise to get the Valium tablet for the next visit so yeah no panic attack in the chair 
And millers were having a sale so the bathers I like, which are normally $50 each 
Were reduced to two for $30.  Bonus 

I think that’s why the universe made me go in to day 
To save me lots of money lol 
Plus I was able to finish my Christmas shopping so now I don’t have to fight the crowds. 

So yeah for fibro fog. It might make me very confused, my eyes to go funny and put me into 
Embarrassing situations. But every now and again it turns into a positive lol 

Gotta laugh don’t you 


  1. Well, that cloud certainly had a big silver lining!

  2. Oh wow. Glad you can see the bright side.

  3. It’s the only way to be, when your me lol

  4. The beauty of having grown up grandchildren is that like like the look of cash….so there’s no fighting the crowds for me😊
    Hope your feeling better now the day is coming to an end - a good nights sleep will do you the power of good

    1. Oh yes. Cash is king. I give my grown up kids cash and it’s become a tradition a pair of Christmas socks lol

  5. I often don't read things properly and end up making a fool of myself. At least youve got an excuse. I'm just a lazy reader .
    Great bargain on the bathers. You'll be a happy swimmer this summer
    Keep well

    1. Well this has reminded me to read everything carefully. It’s lucky it was only just in town. If I had gone further I’d of been really grumpy