Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Best laid plans

Yesterday morning I found it very hard to get up and get going. 
No way was I going to be able to get to the pool, swim and then catch up on all the little jobs I didn’t get 
Round to during the weekend 

So swimming got cancelled and I slept in for another hour. 
Getting out of bed at seven I wasn’t not in a hurry to do anything 

So a leisurely shower, some coffee and I sat reading blogs and deciding 
On want order I was going to get stuff done. 

Until the power went out! 

So nothing needing electricity, like washing and preserving, got done. 

I had no choice but to just sit and crochet. 

The blanket is coming along slowly

We did get half power back, the lights worked but not anything that needed to be plugged in 
So at least I could see what I was doing. 

It was pouring rain for most of the day and the emergency app was going off 
Floods everywhere yet again. Roads closed due to not only flooding but degradation from all the wild weather 

I know I needed to rest. But this was very frustrating 
Eventually the power came back on and I was able to good dinner in the oven  

Today I did swim but came straight back home to get all the jobs done before my ouchie massage this afternoon 
Hopefully the gods are kind to me and I’m able to get it all done. 

The bulk of this post was written and supposed to be posted yesterday. But blogger has been giving me the pips
Hopefully it’s back on track today 
Technology is great. It it works 


  1. Did you get much flooding? Good on you for listening to your body. Maybe the power going off was nature's way of saying take it easy!

    1. We didn’t flood but the paddocks are all wet again

  2. Very wise to get that sleep instead of pushing on to swim. It was probably more valuable right then. Was it flooding that caused the power outages? Sounds likely.

    1. Yes I definitely did need the sleep. And I’m not sure about the power. Might of been all the water, or the wind. Or even a car accident I’m just glad it’s back on now

  3. The blanket is a masterpiece. You'll look at it later and remember that winter that rained non stop ☺️

    1. Definitely will remind me of the big wet.
      Hopefully will finish it before dementia kicks in