Thursday, November 10, 2022

The good and the not so good

Yesterday I did a complete service on my sewing machine. It’s been a while since it got a good going over 
And it really needed some TLC. 
I’m not sure exactly what’s supposed to get oiled so once I cleaned it. I decided that if it moved it got a drop 
Now when sewing it doesn’t sound like a squeaky little mouse. 

After a new needle and putting it all together I celebrated by sewing the binding on the scrappy covid quilt 
After that I took it to knitting and started the hand sewing. 
I finished it yesterday afternoon 

Mid afternoon I got a call from my masseuses secretary who informed me that all but one set of bowl cosies have sold 
And she had an order for two sets that weren’t made from Christmas material or anything cutiesy or childish 

So I went off and cut out material and wadding for four more. 
They just need to be sewn together turned and top stitched. 

I’ll make another four today. I have a massage booked for Tuesday so I need it all done to be taken with me. 
More money to spend on craft supplies. Gotta love that. 

And that was the good. 
Now for the not so good. 
I fell asleep on the couch only to wake up with a very itchy arm, with welts and a lip that was starting to swell. 
So I quickly took some antihistamines and once I was sure it had started to subside got ready for bed. 
Hubby was getting is CPAP machine ready and I heard what sounded like water running   He went off to see if the toilet was still running. Which it can sometimes do but it wasn’t the toilet. I heard him swear and go running. So I walked into the bathroom to see water gushing out from the cupboard under the sink. HOT water. 

He turned all water off and we opened up the doors and stared emptying the things from under there to see what had happened 
All towels, and mops were used to get the water. And we found that this pip had blown. 

Hubby got one off at the shed to repair this one and will repair the one at the shed today 
It’s lucky we have plumber available for emergencies 

Meanwhile I did on load of washing, once water was back on and hung the first load out before six this morning 
Second load is now in the machine and will be hung out soon 

Needless to say I decided to skip swimming and get things back to how they’re supposed to be
Relaxing with a coffee right now but I’ll get stuck in soon 
It all needs to be done and dusted as tomorrow is princess Ana day and I won’t be able to get much done. 

Life really is a roller coaster 


  1. Plumbing problems are the worst. Very bad for the nerves, water pouring around. Especially hot water!

    1. So hot. We had to let it cool before we could clean up

  2. Goodness, the only thing worse than plumbing issues is gas. At least you can see and hear the water, but it does so much damage before things get turned off even when you are quick. Fab business in those bowl cosies.

  3. It never rains but it you know 😥 glad hubby can fix the plumbing and you have pills to fix you. And woohoo, you're hanging washing outside and it's drying. Hope you've turned the corner into the dry-er season

    1. It didn’t last long. The weather changed again and we are back to cooler and wetter weather.

  4. I like your colourful "scrappy covid quilt." And sorry to hear about your bathroom flood -- how annoying!

    1. Thank you. I had bags and bags of scraps. So this was an excellent way to use them all up and kept me busy while living with all the lockdowns.