Saturday, November 5, 2022

A busy day

But enjoyable 
I pined and quilted this baby blanket this morning 

I got most of the quilting done before going to art class and finished it off 
When I got back. 

The binding has been machine stitched to the quilt and I’ve pinned the binding down ready to hand sew 

I also did three loads of washing all of which has dried outside. 
I’ve just remade the bed with fresh smelling sheets and doona cover. 
I can’t wait to get into bed tonight 

The other student in the art class is away so it was just judie the teacher and me 
I continued working on the painting we started last week. It’s coming along nicely
I’ll post a pic once it’s finished 

For dinner we had homemade  lamb burgers with mint from my garden 
And a green salad also from the garden 
I didn’t take pics and now it’s all gone. 

Hopefully today is the start of a dry spell, the sun is still shining
And it makes you feel so much better than the dreary wet weather we have been having 


  1. Wasn’t today a cracker - we have missed this fine sunny weather. Hope it remembers where we live so it can come back again.

    1. I think we are on the up and up now.
      Well I hope anyway

  2. Now that all sounds hopeful. The dry season maybe in sight. You'll have all of summer to finish the quilt and enjoy your salads.

    1. This little one has to be done by early December
      The big one is still waiting. But a step closer at least

  3. Such a cheerful contrast in the weather. Your energy seems to have shot up, too. I love the idea of food from your own garden, so good.

    1. I really do feel better when it’s sunny. Especially after such a long and wet winter

  4. Another glorious day today.
    You have been busy with your creativity.

    1. It’s still too muddy outside so inside stuff is perfect