Friday, November 18, 2022

Friday is Ana day

As usual woke up and got organised for the arrival of our princess Anastasia 
As soon as the toys come out Trixie knows who’s coming and waits at the window, watching 

As soon as sh arrived ana waved bye to daddy and grandma gets her breakfast ready
She’s such a good eater and loves her wheatbix 

After playing we have snack time and of course where ever Ana is so is Trixie 

After snacks. It was reading time. Here they are together, Ana reading to Trixie and Trixie being a good girl site and listens 
Ana is adorable babbling away and pointing in the book. And the dog is so attentive 

After a big sleep and lunch grandpa came over and we all played outside 
We sat in the shade and looked at the grass and some leaves and played with both dogs. 
Teddy is amazing with young children he is so gentle 

Grandpa is the favourite until daddy comes to pick her up. Then it’s all about grandma 
And when won’t leave my side. Daddy asked if Ana was ready to go home and he got a firm no! 

But eventually they got into the car and off they went. 
Grandma is exhausted after all the walking,  playing and dancing we did today 
Thankfully I have a whole week to rest up and do it all again 

Love watching all the girls grow, although it is way too fast for my liking 


  1. She's a real poppet. Lovely photos of Ana and Trixie. Sweet she's got such an attentive audience 😁

  2. Pretty in Pink with grandad! And Trixie really does seem interested in the story - that’s one to print and frame

  3. Reading to a dog is great! Even pretend reading, Trixie still likes it. She's a lovely little girl. And I can see how you need a week between Ana days.

  4. Don't forget the unicorn. I am sure he enjoyed being read to as well! We certainly need a break between visits, don't we.

  5. Thanks all. Yes. Grandchildren are full on. Luckily we can had them back at the end of the day. Hopefully both Trixie and the unicorn enjoyed the story lol,