Sunday, August 27, 2023

Moulin rouge

Yesterday we finally got to see the stage show the moulin rouge. 
We have had the tickets over a year!   It was a long wait. 

But the day finally arrived and off we went on the train into Melbourne 
Three of us on the train. The other met us there. They drove in and stayed the night in a hotel 

We all met up at our favourite cafe to have a leisurely brunch 
There were seven of us and we all chatted and enjoyed the the ambiance 

Being a Saturday the city was full of people enjoying the much better weather
So a tad crowed for my liking. 

After brunch we headed off to the theatre section of the city. And we’re looking for somewhere nice to 
Have our pre show drinks. This was after midday by now. 

We had to be in the theatre by one thirty and the show started at two 
We walked in to see all this. It was breathtaking 

Before the show actually started some of the ensemble cast walked around totally in character 
Giving everyone the chance to take photos. 
These were the only ones I took as I was busy just taking it all in 

The show. 
All I can say is wow! 

It was energetic
The songs were perfectly meshed of over forty songs.  Used to tell the story perfectly
The costumes were vibrant and the dancing was brilliant. 
Some of the dancers don’t have spines I’m sure of it! 

It was a long show. But it went so fast.  So much was going on that you just were kept 
Mesmerised. Lots of toe tapping from our crew 

When the show was finished we headed off towards the hotel for those who were staying 
To check in. Then to an Irish pub for dinner 

The three of us who were not staying said our goodbyes and caught the train back home

A lovely day in our beautiful state capital 
With amazing friends. 


  1. The show sounds fabulous. And wow, what a set!

  2. Sounds amazing. Sights and sounds that would have me standing to marvel too. What a wonderful outing. What's booked next?

  3. Thanks everyone. It was a lovely day and a fantastic show. I’m not sure what’s booked next. We are looking at a few that are coming up