Monday, June 10, 2024

King’s birthday

Today we have a day off in honour of His Majesty’s Birthday 
It’s not his real birthday but just a day in the middle of winter that was chosen for a holiday 
My whole life it’s been the Queens birthday so it feels a tad strange to call it anything else. 

We didn’t go away as we decided to finish jobs at home 

Hubby is outside doing what needs to be done and I’m inside doing stuff in here 

Our football team plays today and the game is one where money is being raised for a charity. Motor neuron disease. 

We will settle down this afternoon to watch it 

And here are the pictures of the apricot and rhubarb dump cake 

Served hot with vanilla ice cream 
It was soooooo good 
If you make one post a picture and let us all know how it turned out 


  1. That's a great dessert, any day. Homegrown, too.

  2. MND has received a lot of publicity over here in recent years - some very high profile sports men have been struck down. I lost a colleague to it about 6 years ago. His deterioration was so fast despite having been a fit healthy person before diagnosis. Shocking to see and so sad.

  3. Really good winter comfort food! May the best team win.