Saturday, February 12, 2022

Birthday girl

Melody turns 6 this weekend so a small party was held for all her little friends and some of us oldies were invited too

My clever daughter made this ballon arch and it even has lights!  We left before it got dark but I’m sure it will look spectacular 

Of course the jumping castle was a big hit with the little ones. Kept them entertained for hours 

The birthday girl 

Blowing out her candles 
Her little sister waiting to give her a helping hand 

Brianna loved the party favours and was adorable running around making sure all the kids had one. Including her littlest cousin 

And here she is tasting birthday cake for the first time. 
She definitely approved and almost pull her mothers plate off the table demanding more lol 

I really can’t believe Melody is now six. Her nana and I just refused to believe it 

Unfortunately it doesn’t make any difference. No matter how much we try to fight it. They are growing up way too fast 


  1. What a wonderful happy post. Love your little girls. They do grow up fast though..
    Many many happy returns Melody

  2. I'm sure when our kids were that age the years passed much more slowly

    1. They did. But then looking back they didn’t lol