Thursday, February 10, 2022

Sick day

The last day or so I’ve been laying under this quilt on the couch feeling totally exhausted and in a goodly amount of pain 

Tuesday night I was very tired so I was in bed very early   
Luckily I bombed and slept like a dead person from around seven till one in the morning 

Then it all went pair shaped 

I felt so sick in the tummy I had to rush, and that’s hard with sciatic pain, to the toilet to be sick 
This kept happened every fifteen minutes or so pretty much for the next four hours 

I moved from the bed and came to the lounge so I wouldn’t disturb hubby anymore than I had 
And stayed for the rest of that day 

Pretty sure I got it from my son and/or daughter in law as they had it the week before 
Hubby came home early that day as he was feeling “off” 

But a day of forced rest, napping on the couch was nice, and then having a decent nights sleep I’m much better today 
Although vomiting isn’t greqt for your back. It undid all the good the massage had done 

So I’ll be resting again today 
Don’t want a relapse. And slowing trying to get a few things done
I should be fine to have Ana tomorrow 
Here’s hoping 


  1. Take it easy, Angela. We seem to forget there are other bugs around other than Covid! Gastro is never nice. Stay hydrated.

  2. Yes Angela take care, there’s talk of ‘flu already….here’s hoping the gastro bug doesn’t come my way. I always pee my pants when I chuck ☹️

    1. Oh I totally understand. I’m the same
      A bucket ready to go in the toilet is what I use
      While sitting. Saves on washing

  3. Heavens above that's rough. We hope it is all over quickly.

  4. Sorry to hear you've been suffering again. Hope you are much better tomorrow and can look after Ana. And then another massage?

  5. I'm so sorry you're ill.

    Speaking of illness, I'm sure you at some point described the chronic illness you suffer from, but I must have missed it. If it's something you care to talk about, I would be most interested.

    1. I was just feeling tired after having gastro but I do suffer from ME/CFS, fibromyalgia and chronic back pain I can deal with that until I get hit with something else and then I just crash. It takes a few days and I’m good to go again although these days it’s much slower than I used to be

    2. I'm the same way. When one is already hanging on by one's teeth, it doesn't take much to make it impossible to hang on at all.

  6. Sound awfull.
    Coffee is on and stay safe