Sunday, February 20, 2022


I cut up the veggies and made another batch of ratatouille 
I’ve frozen three containers for use in the slow cooker during winter 

I’ve kept some cucumbers to have fresh and the rest is in these jars 
I don’t mind doing small batches. It’s much easier on my sore legs and back. 

I had made some orange and lemon jam a while ago. But it never really set properly and 
No one was eating it on bread. So I’ve been using it to make cake 
These will go to the workshop for morning tea 

I used the last of the jars today 
I’ve got some other jars of different flavoured jams so I’ll continue to use them to make cakes 

It’s one way of using up everything you have 

Having a little rest before I continue doing bits and pieces 
In between jobs I sit and crochet a few more rows on my Athena blanket 

The dishwasher has just yelled out, it needs emptying 
So off I go again 


  1. How do you use the jam in the cakes? I am intrigued.

    1. The jam I used didn’t set. So it was like a thick liquid. I just tipped it all in and then added milk till it looked right.
      I guess normal jam would be the same. Add to dry ingredients mix and then add milk until you get the correct consistency

    2. Sounds like you are a natural baker whereas I need a recipe or it ends up inedible!

  2. I use up my old jam on cakes too. There are loads of recipes around. Jam rock cakes are a favourite here. And spoons of orange marmelade go well in meat dishes.
    Youve been very resourceful . Your past few posts on your garden and it's bounty have been marvellous

    1. I’ve made your jam cookies. They’re really yummy.

  3. cakes look so good. I do bits and pieces of house work. at 80 that's the way I get it done

    1. Yup. Just go slow. It all gets done in the end

  4. Looks like you been busy in the kitchen
    Coffee is on and stay safe