Thursday, February 24, 2022

Ta da!

Well I’ve finally finished the Athena blanket 
I think I would make it a tad wider if I make it again 
I’m sure I’ll use those patterns again but maybe not exactly like this 
Not sure. 
But it’s perfect for sitting on the couch, it’s lovely thick and warm 

Now I need to decide which pattern I’ll make next! 

I think I have settled on a name for the new feathered baby 
He looks like a spike! 
He has settled in perfectly and everytime I go out the back he whistles and watches me. 
The cage is right at the back door. So I say hi everytime I go out 

The empty nest. Not so empty 


  1. The blanket is amazing. F is almost enticed to make one too. Greetings to Spike.

    1. I know I say it but seriously it’s really really easy. You tube has crochet along videos
      And once you know how to read the graph, your off and running