Sunday, February 13, 2022

Prep day

Yesterday I did the prep work on this zucchini relish 
Your supposed to leave it over night but as I had got it organised in the early morning I finished the job last night after the party 

Today I made more ratatouille 
These two will be frozen and there is a third portion for us to eat today 

When I visited my parents this week they gave us a big bag of sweet chillies. So hubby cooked them on the bbq. Skinned them and 
I’ll freeze this lot for later use. Again a third portion is for today 

I bought lemons for limoncello 
I think I’ll need to add more rind, which I’ll do in the next few days when I get more lemons 

The juice was made into lemon cordial 

And I tried a new recipe for dill zucchini 
I kinda added my own twist but using red neon in the big jar.  Just to see 

Winter is looking very delicious right now 
I’ve literally used up all the zucchini I had. 
I know. I’m shocked too! 
But I’m sure more will be available in the next few days 

Hubby is currently working on something I had on his list so they will be a post for another day 
Enjoy the weekend 


  1. You have been phenomenally busy. F used to use up the ones that grew too big by grating, salting, squeezing and freezing and then using them all year round to make cheese and zucchini bread. (It's a soda loaf so no yeast and kneading.) My humans seem to like it and since living here have decided that it works ok with feta instead of cheddar.

    1. Might have to make some. I’ve got frozen grated zucchini in freezer
      Sounds like the perfect compliment to a winter stew

  2. Youre a good Greek 'noikokyra' preserving all your garden produce. We still aren't drinking our limoncello. Too much red wine to get through 😁 with a bit of Greek sauv blanc on the side. I shall go and have some now.
    Never tried preserving zucchinis,as in dill zucchinis. I need to make a list. Although we don't have the great garden that you do.
    Happy eating

    1. Lol thanks. I just googled preserving zucchini and there were lots of ways so I just picked a new idea and ran with it