Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Garden treasures

I’ve just come back from my Ouchie massage 
I missed an appointment as sue had covid so I was very very broken 
She had to do a lot of work on me and I was on strict orders to go home and not do much at all

So I thought I’d go out into the garden and see what treasures I had 

These are the tomatoes I pick them when they just turn red and leave them out on the counter for them to finish
Ripening. I actually get to have tomatoes that way 

The beans weren’t very productive but I’m happy for what ever I get. I plan to make a big pot of ratatouille 
So they will go in and add to the flavour 

Hubby said he checked the zucchini two days ago and he’d collected all of them 
Well I sent him this pic 
That really big one was growing down the side of the garden bed and was having a lovely time in the sun 
My one eggplant. It must be the long skinny variety 
But I’m happy with it 

A butternut pumpkin growing nicely can’t wait until autumn when they are ready 
I hope to have plenty to share with my kids 

Still lots of green tomatoes 
And even more in the established plants these were only planted a few weeks ago 

The spaghetti squash growing nicely 

The corn didn’t germinate so I bought some seedlings. It might be a tad late but you will never know
Unless you try to grow 

My little okra plants 
Still not sure if they will grow and produce but will keep you informed 

The tomatoes that were picked a few days ago. 
Now nice and red and ready to be added to the ratatouille 

Although I’ll keep some to eat fresh 

So that’s it for now 
I’m going to be good and rest. 
I’m feeling very bruised but at least now I can walk again without 
Limping or fear of falling 


  1. That's tough therapy but thank goodness it works. You can get to cook all those marvellous fresh vegetables. The tomatoes have ripened very nicely. I bet the they are full of flavour.
    You're going to be eating a lot of zucchini!! I still have some squash from last summer. I keep on meaning to stuff it and bake it . Hope I get round to it before it goes soft.
    Keep strong!

    1. I’ve got a recipe for chocolate brownies that you use grated zucchini to mark
      I was going to make some of those

  2. Ouchy massages are the best ones - eventually! I love your tea and coffee containers. Very cute. And as always I am envious of your garden haul.