Tuesday, February 15, 2022


Today I decided to pull out my dehydrator and see if I could turn some of my tomatoes 
Into yummy semi dried ones 

So I spent about 15 carefully slicing all the little tomatoes 
And layering them on the shelves  

About six hours later I got this little jar of semi dried tomatoes 
I’ve added good quality olive oil and some basil

I’ll leave it for a week in the fridge so the flavours can mix and then we will see how they taste 

If they’re a success I’ll process more and can them so they last longer 

I finally took my scrappy quilt top to the quilt shop in kooweerup 
And it will be quilted in the next few weeks. 

Meanwhile I’ll keep working on my Athena blanket 

It’s a good thing I use the stitch markers to mark the pattern repeat 
Because I almost got my stitches in the wrong spots   

You have to be careful to get the single crochet right after the double as sometimes it hides 
Good thing I know what I’m like and took precautions against my bad eyes lol 


  1. You have someone else that does quilting for you?? F wants one too. She loves patchworking and hates quilting. Your tomatoes look fabulous - we should try some of those. F dries hers to cardboard and then they aren't much fun to eat i imagine. They go into cooked stuff. The Athena is looking fabulous. Stitchmarkers like wow ...we wondered what they were. You have such great ideas/bits of kit.

    1. The lady at the quilt shop does it on a big quilting machine
      She will do a pretty pattern which I can’t do. I do boring stitch in the ditch quilting

  2. At first glance I thought they were those funny little things we used to hang around the stem of a wine glass so we know whose was whose.
    Your blanket is going to be quite stunning when it’s finished - and reversible too by the look of it.

    1. No not reversible. But it’s nice and neat so that’s nice
      I remember the wine glass bling. They were so pretty

  3. The dried tomatoes are interesting. Do let us know what they taste like.... to matoesšŸ¤£ and how you use them.

    1. I’ll definitely let you know. I love using them in salads especially in winter when tomatoes are expensive and not very nice