Friday, February 18, 2022

Finally Friday

This morning I got up and was at the pool by 5.30 again. 
I did 45 minutes of swimming and then got home before seven to receive delivery of the precious Ana 

I canned them second batch of tomatoes 
As the first batch are so delicious I’m sure they won’t last long 

At knitting on Wednesday one of the ladies asked me to crochet a bib one of her granddaughters wanted 
The pattern was so easy I finished the one she supplied the yarn for during the two hours we were there 

It was such as easy pattern I came home and made two more for her in pink 

I’ve quickly written it down I think this is a lovely one for cute baby shower gifts 

Ana is not well again 
That first year in daycare is never an easy one 
They catch everything 

But right now I have given her a bottle and she is fast asleep
Hopefully she gets over it quickly 
It horrible when they’re not feeling well and there isn’t very much you can do to help them 


  1. The crud seems to follow the school children.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. Ah the joys of childcare and the sharing of germs. The bib is lovely. My daughter in law makes fabric bibs with crocheted edges.

    1. They sound very cute. There are so many different patterns and combos of fabric and yarn