Sunday, February 13, 2022

Makeover madness

I know two posts one day. But that’s how busy we have been 
I tried to find a before shot. Didn’t get one as I was busy in the kitchen but the bush that was here grew  so much we had to keep cutting it back to be able to use the gate 

All that cutting back must of been bad as half the tree died 
So after yet another big prune it failed to shoot any new growth so out it came 

I had a dwarf mulberry in the black pot you can see and it needed repotting 

We bought two white mulberries so three wine barrel pots were purchased and all three are now in there new homes 

I bought a pomegranate tree for the black pot. It will stay there till it outgrows it. We will deal with the next step then 

But for now it’s totally opened up the area  
The mulberries are all dwarf so they won’t grown huge. 
Making collections very easy for someone vertically challenged as I am 

Now I can access the side gate without having to pretend I’m in a jungle  


  1. Mulberries, pomegranates, what a wonderful variety. But prune?? Is that some sort of plum. I'll spit on them all and they're sure to thrive 🤣

    1. We pruned the tree that was there. It wasn’t a fruit tree. Is that what you mean

  2. I am in awe of your energy. Cooking AND gardening in one day. I am definitely going to get my vege garden sorted come winter.

    1. Hubby did the hard work in the garden. I was just the one telling him what I wanted

  3. So many plants grow like topsy - without seeing one full grown in a similar situation you never know what yours is going to look like.
    Having all that‘ visual’ space - as in the last photo makes your block look so much larger. No sudden dead end. Will be nutritious as well as accessible….even little short a*se me would be able to help out at picking time😊

    1. I’m really loving the dwarf varieties of fruit trees
      So much easier for me to deal with

  4. Still snow on ground and so no planting.
    Coffee is on and stay safe