Sunday, August 7, 2022

A first

My first piece of art is now proudly hanging on my wall in the craft room 
Hopefully as the months go on I’ll get better and better and maybe in a year of two I’ll look back at this 
And think omg what was I thinking! 

But I proud I pushed myself and actually painted, after all these years of being so afraid 
Of paint and brushes 

If I could tell myself anything when I was young it would be to not listen to anyone and do 
What makes you happy 
Painting makes me happy!

If you want to try something new I say go for it. 
What’s the worst that could happy. Seriously 
Even if you don’t become an expert, you might find the fun and satisfaction you get 
Is well worth the effort. 
You don’t fail, unless you fail to try 


  1. So very true. I didn't think I could draw a straight line until I took art classes at U3A and surprised myself. I wasn't actually half bad.

  2. Well done. Better late then never! I wonder how many were put off things by comments made when they were young.

  3. Fabulous - give us a close up...You inspire me to have a go when time permits. There is so much I still wan to do with this life but creativity tops the list.

  4. It's lovely! And I agree -- art is fun and a worthwhile pursuit in its own right!

  5. Well done. You must be so proud when you see it hanging there

  6. Keep going.
    Coffee is on and stay safe